Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nican Mopohua (2)

St. Juan Diego left and went to see the Bishop, who was, well, let me put it this way: not very receptive.

That same evening, he meets Our Lady once more:
49 As soon as he saw her, he prostrated himself before her, he threw himself to the ground, he had the honor to tell her:

50 "My dear little Mistress, Lady Queen, my dearest little Daughter, my dear little Virgin. I did go to where you sent me to carry our your dear breath, your beloved word; although I entered with difficulty to where the place is of the Governing Priest, I saw him, I put your dear breath, your beloved word, before him, as you were so kind to order me to.

51 He received me kindly and he listened to it perfectly, but from the way ha answered me, it’s as if he was not satisfied, he doesn’t think it’s true.

52 He said to me: "You will come again: I will still listen to you calmly, I will look well to what you have come for, from the very beginning, to your desire, your will.

53 The way he answered me, I could clearly see that he thinks your house that you deign to allow us the privilege to build for you here, maybe I’m only making it up, or that maybe it is not from your lips.

54 I beg you, my Lady, my Queen, my little Virgin, to have one of the nobles who are held in esteem, one who is known, respected, honored, (have him) carry, take your dear breath, your precious word, so that he will be believed.

55 Because I am really worthless, I am a (porter’s) rope I am a backframe, a tail, a wing, a man of no importance: I myself need to be led, carried on someone’s back, that place your are sending me to is a place where I’m not used to going to or spending any time in, my little Virgin, my dearest Daughter, my Lady, my Queen;

56 please forgive me: I will grieve your venerable face, your beloved heart; I will fall into your rightful anger, into your displeasure, my Lady, my Mistress."

57 The Perfect Virgin, worthy of honor and veneration, kindly answered him:

58 "Listen, my youngest and dearest son, know for sure that I have no lack of servants, or messengers, to whom I could entrust the task of carrying my breath, my word, so they carry out my will;

59 But it is very necessary that you, personally, go and plead; that my wish, my will be carried out and become a reality entirely through your intercession.

60 And I beg you, my youngest, dearest and most favored son, and I order you strictly to go again tomorrow to se the Bishop.

61 And in my name warn him, make him listen to my will very clearly, so that he will bring into being, he will build my house, the one I am asking him for.

62 And tell him again how I, none other than the ever Virgin Mary, the Venerable Mother Of God, I am sending you as messenger.”

63 For his part, Juan Diego respectfully responded to her and reverently said to her "My Lady, Queen, my little Virgin, let me not give your venerable face, your beloved heart. I will most gladly go to carry out your venerable breath, your dear word; I will absolutely not fail to do it, nor do I think the road is painful.

64 I will go and, of course, carry out your venerable will, but perhaps I won’t be heard, and if I am heard, perhaps I won’t be believed.

65 Tomorrow afternoon, when the sun goes down, I will come to return to your dear word, to your venerable breath, what the Governing Priest answers to me.

66 Now, I respectfully say goodbye to you, my youngest and dearest Daughter, my little Virgin, Lady, Queen, rest a little more."

67 And then he went to his house to rest.

Please notice the typical dynamic of those who are called to serve the Lord: This is greater than me, I am not worthy, I am not capable, send someone else.

But the choice had been made, it has to be him. Like Moses and Jonah, St. Juan Diego responds with generosity and trust. If the Lady wants him to do it, he will do it. He will do the best he can and leave the rest to God and to the "Little Virgin".

It is worthy of notice that St. Juan Diego doesn't complain about his failure, even more, he attributes the failure to himself. That is typical Nahua education. Also, unlike other "messengers", St. Juan Diego tries to evade the call only once. After the first try, when Our Lady insists, he immediately accepts, and he does so "most gladly", again, this is typical Nahua education. St. Juan Diego is displaying treats of a well educated man with excellent manners, skillfully able to blend formality and familiarity, argumentation and obedience.

Maybe we are not asked to build a temple of stone, but certainly God asks us to do something with our lives.

Are we ready to respond in generosity and trust?

As we can see in (60), God is ready to stop asking and start commanding. Will we wait that long?

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