Friday, July 13, 2007

Bureaucrats Against the People

Canada has been suffering from the multi-cultural myth, and the extremes of political correctness for a while now. As an example of what it may be like in the USA if this "idiotology" becomes as ingrained here as it has in Canada, check out this unfolding drama, as described on the ++Relapsed Catholic blog:

The secular fatwa against Canadian conservative website

In brief, a non-Muslim woman, filed a complaint with Canada's "Human Rights Commission", that a Christian and conservative website was causing her distress, due to his a) anti-gay opinions, and because b) he wondered why homosexuals would support Islamists, whose intent is to establish Shariah law everywhere, under which the penalty for being homosexual is death.

That strikes me as a question that someone might well ask.

This story should be better known in the United States, because it illustrates just how the "kangaroo courts" will administer "justice" under a regime of so-called hate crimes. It should be kept in mind that the tribunals that administer these so-called laws, are administrative panels not courts.

One of the fine points brought out is that the target of the action was given two days to respond to the CHRC complaint, but no details about the nature of the complaint were made available to him. As Kathy Shaidle says, this is truly a new version of Britain's infamous Star Chamber. We Americans don't want any, do we?